Aviation company "Vityaz-Aero"

The only one company in Kamchatka which grants unlimited variety of aviation services.

Transportation of any cargo, including dangerous one. Works with external load sling system of any complexity.

Subsidized flights to the remote settlements of the region.

Touristic flights ogether with "Vityaz-Travel": Kronotsky reserve, flights around volcanoes, fishing and hunting, heli-ski.

Rescue activities together with the Russian Emergency Ministry.

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True professionals work in "Vityaz-Aero".

Our staff consists of more than 100 highly skilled pilots, engineers, aircraft mechanics, airline operators who have extensive experience in helicopters operation.

Our air staff are true professionals who have the title of "Excellence in Air Transport", "Excellence in Aeroflot", "Honored Pilot of Russia".

Many of the most experienced pilots of Kamchatka work here. Some of them have a total flight of more than 12 500 hours. Not many pilots in Russia have such aircraft hours.

Helicopter fleet

At the present time there are 22 helicopters, including 14 helicopters of the model Mi-8T, 6 Mi-8P (VIP) and 2 Mi-2 helicopters.

Mi-8 vehicle is an all-purpose helicopter manufactured to be passenger, transport and cargo. Intended to transport passengers, luggage, cargo and post to the difficult of access locations, as well as to perform different aviation works of various kinds.

Mi-8T — a transportation variant of Mi-8

For more than 40 years the helicopter accomplishes perfectly hard work all over the world and now it is a reliable label.

Mi-8T has a cargo cabin of 23 m3 with reinforced floor, cargo lashing points, etc. The cabin is equipped with a sliding door and an embarking hatch in the back part of the fuselage and 22 seats along the both boards.

Mi-8P VIP — a passanger variant of Mi-8

The passenger helicopter is equipped with up to 24 comfortable padded seats and supplied with systems of ventilation and heating.

There are two emergency doors in the back side of the fuselage.

We offer individual tours for groups up to 5 persons by Mi-2 helicopter.

Mi-2 for small groups of tourists

The fuselage of Mi-2 consists of 3 parts: the bow with a flight deck, the central one with a passenger cabin and the tail with a controlled stabilizer.

The cabin is equipped with system of ventilation which works in heating and coolling modes.