Hot springs

There are about 150 groups of hot thermal and mineral springs with different temperature and composition of water. Some of them are equipped pools with facilities situated not far from the city, the other are "wild" nature springs availiable only by helicopter.

Bathing in hot springs gives energy and vitality, relaxes and warms up. Winter bathing in nature hot bath among ice and snow will bring new unforgettable experience.

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    1 / Nalychevo hot springs

    Thermal springs are located 60 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky at the terrytory of Nalychevo nature park. Nalychevo valley is surrounded by volcanoes from all sides and looks very picturesque.

    Temperature of water is 20—50 °С. The water contains such medicinal components as arsenic, boron, silicic acid. Together with such high temperature it doesn't exist anywhere else in Kamchatka.

    Price for the group of 21 persons.

    "Standard" menu is included.

    from 14 000 roubles

    2 / Khodutka hot springs

    Mineral hot springs are situated in the south of Kamchatka, at the foot of Khodutka and Priyemish (Adopted) volcano.

    Near the ground where tourist group stop, the temperature of water in summer keeps about 40-44 °С. The springs contains large quantity of silicic acid (0,120 mg/l) and relate to medicinal. Khodutka springs have low mineralization (0,5 g/l) and represent weak solution of sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate.

    Price for the group of 21 persons.

    "Standard" menu is included.

    from 18 700 roubles
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