Heli-ski in Kamchatka

Heli-skiing and heli-boarding, becoming mainstreams, now gain the whole world. You’ve got a unique opportunity to ride on virgin mountains and volcanoes of Kamchatka fire land.

Each slope you can see is an awesome spot to try your skis and snowboards!


Heli-ski in Kamchatka

The touristic company “Vityaz-Travel” and the aviation company “Vityaz-Aero”, one of the biggest in the Far East, offer you to test your skis and boards on Kamchatka slopes!

We are glad to offer you the best service to make your vacation comfortable, safe and unforgettable!


Heli-ski in Kamchatka

As opposed to other companies, we are not used to making stereotyped programs. Each tour is an awesome adventure that has been organized at your desire!

Our managers will help you to choose a special program according to your preferences, level of experience and budget.

Costs calculation is made individually and is generally comprised of air travel hours on board a helicopter MI-8.

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