Salmon fishing in Kamchatka

The peninsula Kamchatka is famous for its nature beauty and abundant animal and sea world. This is a unique place where you can catch 10 species of salmon, see fish spawning and watch bears at the same time!

Fishing on the peninsula's rivers differs from freshwater fishing in European part of Russia. Check your tackles if they are strong enough to sustain a very heavy fish you can catch there. ]Sea fishing is no less exciting, a single fish can weight more than 100 kg and be more than 2 m in length.

Spinning and fly fishing take place only in the presence of individual licenses for each day of a tour based on the approach “Catch and Release” when fish doesn’t die and continue living after releasing into water.

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Kamchatka rivers

Kamchatka fish

Chinook salmon – the royal fish

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    1 / Kamchatka rivers

    Kamchatka is a special region as to fishing. One third of the world spawning spots is in Kamchatka. This corner of the planet is undoubtedly considered “Paradise for fishing”. The abundance of Kamchatka rivers attract many wild animals, this is why you will necessarily meet one of them while fishing.
    The most popular rivers for fishing: Opala River, Zhupanova river, Kol river, Vahil river, Raduga river, Yelovka river. Fishing is possible almost on any other river of Kamchatka. There are several kinds of tours: fishing from bank of the river or fishing from a boat.
    You can find information about fishing tours on the "Fishing" page.

    2 / Kamchatka fish

    Kamchatka is one of few places in the world where you can try wild salmon fishing. Kamchatka fish is notable for its size, strength, sparkling silver scales and bright colors.
    Kamchatka is home for all the species of wild salmon such as: king salmon, red salmon (sockeye), chum salmon, pink salmon, coho salmon and salmon trout. You can also find mikizha (coast rainbow trout) and Atlantic salmon here! As well as char, East Siberian char and grayling.

    3 / Chinook salmon – the royal fish

    Chinook salmon is the biggest pacific salmon. It is a dream of many fishermen! The average size of a fish is 90 cm, but in Kamchatka it reaches 180 cm and even more. The weight of such salmon may be about 50 kg or more! So, it is not coincidence that people called chinook salmon the royal fish…

    The majority of places where you can catch chinook salmon are available only by helicopter, but there are several ones where you can get by vehicles.