Helicopter tours

Enjoy a geyser eruption, explore the steaming land of ancient Uzon volcano, take a photo with a brown bear next to you.

Off-road tours

Watch a volcano breathing, conquer the mountain top, have lunch by the Pacific Ocean.


Try fishing on abundant Kamchatka rivers.


There’s hardly a place on Earth
where man has never set foot. We will show you one of them...

Ice and fire of volcanoes, cold streams running down from the icy peaks and fountains of boiling water gushing from the Earth interior;
brown bears regaling with unique salmon only a couple of meters away from amazed tourists.

Kamchatka peninsula is a traveler’s dream that we can put in life.

The unique nature sights of Kamchatka are famous all over the world,
and “Vityaz-Travel” makes them more accessible!

Every excursion is not just a flight back and forth, but an unforgettable journey lasting the whole day.