The root of Avacha volcano / Verblyud mountain

This trekking tour is fine with those who are not ready for a long and wearing hiking to Avachinsky volcano. You can enjoy beautiful views of Zhupanoskiy, Dzendzur, Koryakskiy, Avacha, Vershinskiy and Vilyuchinskiy volcanoes as well as Pacific ocean and coastal cities.

Verblyud Extrusion is a rock mass with two sharp peaks, a name was given for similarity with the humps of a camel. Apparently, the mountain is either a product of the Koryaksky volcano extrusive activity (when the protruding viscous lava piled on the surface and subsequently froze), or the result of a strong eruption of Avachinsky volcano.

True altitude – 1200 meters above sea level.

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Verblyud mountain


    1 / Departure from the group assembly place

    The tour begins from 25 km of a belt route in Yelizovo town (airport district). We provide a free shuttle service to the starting point of the excursion from some Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky hotels and leisure centers in Paratunka. You can choose a place of departure when booking a tour.

    A guide arranges an excursion in a vehicle as you go Avachinsky pass during which you will know about a great variety of unique Kamchatka nature. You will learn some interesting facts about such natural monument as Verblyud mountain where arctic ground squirrel inhabits. This welcoming ground squirrel will be happy to treat itself with the tourist’s meal.

    Trip time – 2,5 hours

    2 / Arrival to the root of Avachinsky volcano

    At Avachinsky pass you will have a great opportunity to enjoy various rock-plants. Here you may see Kamchatka rhododendron, Bryanthus gmelinii, blue mountain heath and other unique plants. Moreover, you will participate in the study of igneous rock emerged on the surface of the earth.

    3 / Trekking to Verblyud mountain

    This trekking is not difficult and doesn’t demand any physical requirements for tourists. During the hiking you will see Koryakskiy (3456 m) and Avachinsky (2741 m) volcanoes. These volcanoes are in the list of 16 “fire” peaks of the world, that are considered to be the most dangerous because of their close location to the cities. Throughout the course of its history these volcanoes repeatedly demonstrated its volcanic activity. All these information you will learn from our guides during this route.

    4 / Lunch at the root of volcano

    After this exhausting trekking tour to Verblud mountain you will be able to recharge your energies and have a nice lunch. In addition to meat and fish platter with dessert, you will have a great opportunity to taste Kamchatka salmon – a world famous delicacy. Fish is served with rice. Lunch is packed in individual lunch boxes.

    5 / Bringing back to the starting point

    We provide a free shuttle service to some Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky hotels and leisure centers in Paratunka. You can choose a place of departure when booking a tour.
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    The list of must-have things

    • trekking or hiking backpack for your personal stuff,
    • comfortable trekking boots or hiking shoes, sneakers are improper (new shoes chafe toes),
    • water proof and wind-resistant jacket with a hood (or it’s better to have any headwear),
    • tracksuit bottoms,
    • trekking gloves,
    • a cap and a hat,
    • sunglasses,
    • sun screen with UV protection,
    • insect repellent.

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