Nalychevo 温源

Nalychevo nature park is one of the most attractive places for residents and tourists of the peninsula.

This is a picturesque valley of Nalychevo river, surrounded by active and extinct volcanoes. One can see a brown bear and a Steller's sea eagle, walk along travertine fields, look in the museum, relax in hot springs.

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Nalychevo 温源


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    1 / 飞机场

    现代飞机场包含: 舒服的候机室咖啡厅和礼品销售亭. 如果需要可以组织训练班出车从堪察加地区彼得罗巴甫洛夫斯克和 Paratunka的娱乐中心.

    2 / 飞行科里亚克火山和Avacha火山

    Time of the flight – 1 h 10 min. during the flight we offer you to observe active volcanoes and take photos.

    3 / Nalychevo 温源

    Walk in Nalychevo valley, visiting a museum, observing travertine fields and Ivanov's gryphon. Bathing in hot springs, the temperature of which is 40—45°.

    We provide hot meals if needed. View the menu.

    Menu: Standard Business

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