Fishing tours in Kamchatka

Fishing in Kamchatka is recognized as one of the best in the world! Chinook, masu, silver, chum, sockeye and Atlantic salmon, char, loach, grayling… The dream of every spinner and fly-fisher is to enjoy fishing in Kamchatka. Besides, in coastal waters one can catch a giant Kamchatka’s halibut whose weight exceeds 200 kg!

Even a beginner will enjoy fishing in Kamchatka! We organize one-day and many days fishing tours, provide necessary equipment, transfer to the feshing spot, accomodation and meals during the tour.

Download our brochure with additional information about fishing lodges of Kamchatka.

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Fishing on Kamchatka rivers

Sea fishing

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    1 / Fishing base on the Opala river

    This large river on the south-western coast of Kamchatka starts in the high mountain plateau of Gorely volcano and flows into the Sea of Okhotsk. The main advantage of the Opala is that all the species of the Pacific salmon inhabit its water: Chinook, sockeye, chum, humpback, silver salmon. Loach and trout live there the whole year round.

    For guests' service a residential complex for 5-8 people: one-, two- and four-bed rooms, bathhouse, dining room, arbor for summer recreation, Internet, phone service, satellite TV and a karaoke system. Transfer to the base by helicopter (1 h one way) or by motor vehicles (280 km, 7-8 h).

    Period of tours:

    • Chinook salmon: June, 01 — July, 15;
    • Humpback, silver, sockeye salmon: July, 15 — August, 20;
    • Chum salmon: August, 20 — October, 10.

    2 / Fishing-tourist base on the Vakhil river

    Situated on the east coast of Kamchatka at the mouth of the Vakhil river. Convenient location of the base allows to combine fishing on the river with the one in the offshore zone of Avacha bay. Besides, one can explore the astonishing underwater world of Avacha bay and the Vakhil river during diving or underwater hunting.

    For guests' service: twin rooms for guests, a kitchen, Russian bath and a summer dining-room, electricity and satellite telephone service. Transfer to the river and back by helicopter (flight time is 30-40 min one-way).

    Period of tours:

    • Halibut: June — the first half of August;
    • Chum salmon: September — October;
    • Loach and char salmon: the whole year.

    3 / Fishing base on the Golygina river

    Situated in the Ust-Bolsheretsky district, 92 km north from Ozernovsky settlement. The Goligina river starts in the spurs of Ilyinsky, Zheltovsky and Ksudach volcanoes and flows into the Sea of Okhotsk.

    Accommodation in the base situated on Golygino hot springs: two-floor and one-floor houses for guests, a Russian bath, a restroom outside the house. двухэтажный и одноэтажный дома для гостей, баня, удобства на улице. Electricity is provided by a diesel generator. Transfer by helicopter or motor vehicle.

    Fish to catch: rainbow trout, loach, char, silver and chum salmon.

    Period of tours:

    • July, 25 — October, 01.

    4 / Fishing base on the Yelovka river

    The Levaya (Left) river, an inflow of the Yelovka river, is the richest in Kamchatka. It is situated on the east coast of Kamchatka. All 6 species of Pacific salmon (Chinook, masu, sockeye, silver, chum, humpback salmon) come into this river to spawn; there is a lot of rainbow trout, grayling, 4 species of loach, and char.

    For guests' service: a hotel complex for 11 people: a two-floor cottage, VIP-house for 2-3 people, bar, dining-room, bathhouse, fireplace hall, billiard-table and a karaoke system. Mobile service, Internet, satellite TV. Transfer by helicopter (1,5 h one-way) or motor vehicle (10-12 h).

    Period of tours:

    • Chinook salmon: June, 01 — July, 15;
    • Humpback, silver, sockeye salmon: July, 05 — August, 20;
    • Chum salmon: August, 20 — October, 10.