The peninsula Kamchatka is famous for its nature beauty and abundant animal and sea world. This is a unique place where you can catch 10 species of salmon, see fish spawning and watch bears at the same time!

Fishing on the peninsula's rivers differs from freshwater fishing in European part of Russia. Check your tackles if they are strong enough to sustain a very heavy fish you can catch there. ]Sea fishing is no less exciting, a single fish can weight more than 100 kg and be more than 2 m in length.

Spinning and fly fishing take place only in the presence of individual licenses for each day of a tour based on the approach “Catch and Release” when fish doesn’t die and continue living after releasing into water.

You can find additional information about tours and lodges on the page "Fishing tours".

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大鳞大麻哈鱼 - 鲑鱼国王


    of the

    1 / 堪察加的河

    You can find information about fishing tours on the "Fishing" page.

    2 / 堪察加的鱼

    在堪察加的河里有各种各样的太平洋的鲑鱼: 大鳞大麻哈鱼, 红大麻哈鱼, 大麻哈鱼, 细鳞大麻哈鱼, 银大麻哈鱼, 马苏大麻哈鱼. 有名的虹鳟, 大西洋鲑.还有嘉鱼, 远东红点鲑, 茴鱼.

    3 / 大鳞大麻哈鱼 - 鲑鱼国王

    大鳞大麻哈鱼是最大的太平洋的鲑鱼.没个渔民的梦想! 奇努克鲑鱼的运行的平均大小达到 90 厘米,180 厘米,在堪察加半岛甚至更多,体重100多近! 不枉大鳞大麻哈鱼叫鲑鱼国王.