“Vityaz-Travel” touristic company is a subdivision of one holding which also includes “Vityaz-Aero” aviation company and salmon extractive and reprocessing company “Vityaz-Avto”.


在四年的工作,我们准备了一个独特的个体和团体旅游,包括行走、 船和直升机游。我们很高兴为您提供一个独特的旅程,通过精彩的堪察加半岛边缘




现代机场复杂、 舒适、 可靠的直升机、 经验丰富的飞行员和导游会使你逗留,舒适和令人难忘

公司的主要活动是直升机走路特别保护领土的堪察加边疆区、 捕鱼、 狩猎、 Helli-ski.

不过,我们可以设计独特的联合的旅游,根据客户的愿望。你要做的就是选择你想要参观,和其余的我们会做的位置 !




我们专注于服务 VIP 客户和公司活动中,我们选择个别娱乐节目.

我们保证高水平的服务、 最好的指南和个别的方法对每个客户端.


Every group on the route is accompanied by a qualified guide.

Competence of our guides is beyond question: every year before the season starts each of them undergoes an examination in Kronotsky reserve in order to confirm their knowledge and qualification.

Every guide speaks English, because the group can consists of both Russians and foreign tourists.

At the territory of Kronotsky reserve you can even meet a brown bear, but don't worry: for your safety, except the guide a ranger of the Reserve will accompany you during the tour.

Our guides with a great pleasure will tell you a couple of funny stories, which you won't find in the guidebooks, advice you where to buy red caviar and how to get to hot springs.

The guide not only leeds an excursion, but also organize lunch and bathing, draws up documents needed for visiting a protected territory, settles all the emerging questions.

Be sure: the guide will do all the best to make your trip comfortable, safe and unforgettable!


“Vityaz-Aero” aviation company

The only one Kamchatka’s company which grants unlimited variety of aviation services: flights around volcanoes, excursions to protected territories, delivery to fishing and hunting lodges, transportation of any cargo, including dangerous one, subsidized flights to the remote settlements of the region.

We work with VIP clients and have a comfortable airport.

Accomplish aviation works of any complexity, take part in rescue activities together with the Russian Emergency Ministry.

Salmon extractive and reprocessing company “Vityaz-Avto”

We’ve been working since 1997. On the western seaside of Kamchatka peninsula we built 8 functioning factories which process up to 1200 tons of fish per day. In the Ozernovsky settlement a modern workshop with refrigerators for storing 3000 tons of fish was equipped.

We extract and reprocess salmons, demersal and pelagic fish, provide transportation services, deal with retail trade.

We produce 85 kinds of the export quality products up to 40 tons per day.

Touristic company «Kamchatka Travel Group»

Any kind of adventure tours: trekking, mountaineering, floating and rafting, fishing, heli-skiing, cross-country skiing, wildlife tours, ethno-cultural tours.

— Experience of climbing, trekking and hiking on any terrain, instructor's skills, experience in estimation of the terrain.

— Passion for alpinism and desire to share their love for the exceptional Kamchatka's nature with you.

— Safety, responsibility and care for your needs.

Kronotsky state natural biosphere reserve

We manage two specially protected natural territories with different statuses: the Kronotsky Reserve itself and the South Kamchatka Sanctuary.

We aim to:

  • protection of natural resources;
  • scientific research and ecological monitoring;
  • ecological education of the public;
  • ecological tourism.