Изменение стоимости экскурсий с 01.05.2018

Изменение стоимости экскурсий с 01.05.2018

Стоимость экскурсий, указанная на сайте, действительна при полной оплате до 01.05.2018 г

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Helicopter tours with a combined group

Tours with a combined group have fixed number of stops. Departures from a comfortable airport of the «Vityaz-Aero» company by Mi-8 helicopters. Every group consists of 19-23 people and is accompanied by a qualified guide during the whole tour. The price includes meals and bathing in hot springs.


An individual tour is ideal for those who don't like limitation of travaling within a combined group. Mix a helicopter tour with flying around volcanoes, fishing or hunting. Exclude some points of the route or add places which you'd like to visit. Our managers will sort out a programm specially for you!

Prices vary and depend on the amount of people in the group. We offer tours for small (1 to 5 persons) and big (up to 23 persons) groups by Mi-2 and Mi-8 helicopters. Departs from a comfortable airport.